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What is Trending in Health and Wellness?

Our Most Popular Products – Trends


Trend #1 – Tinctures

We can custom blend tinctures to suit your needs. Design your desired effect via a wide array of terpenes and cannabinoids. The most popular formulas help with sleep, focus & energy, and calm & chill terpene complexes. Every adult should be on a tincture to help support their body to perform, repair and support their immune system.

Trend #2 – Lotions & Balms

We have custom blend lotions & balms to suit your needs. Our company understands that smells are important as well. We have blended the aroma that will tell your brand’s story. Our most popular products include pain balm, sports lotion, and an array of Shea, peppermint and lavender butter.

Trend #3 – Water Based Tinctures

The newest and greatest in the industry is water-soluble products that are created in nanoparticles. (water-based tinctures). This is a new cutting-edge product with unlimited possibilities. Water-soluble products can include additives for ready-to drink, shelf-stable beverages (ex: your favorite flavor added to coffee in a focus formula), bottled water, and cosmetics like serums, salves, and moisturizers. Enjoy all the effects of CBD and CBG with Water Soluble CBG has for you!

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