Lifeline Blend CBD Tincture – Sleep Blend
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  • Simple to Measure – Our dropper has easy to read measure markers to make sure you get the correct dose each time!
  • Easy to Use – You can drop your measured tinctured right into your coffee, tea, or you can put it directly under your tongue and swallow, for the fastest results!
  • For Everyone – If you have an endocannabinoid system (you do!) then CBD could help improve your quality of life!
  • You have Options – We offer 5 patented blends to choose from, so you can find exactly what suits you best!

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Why did we create these tinctures?

The synergistic combination of the cannabinoids, hemp seed oil, and terpenes (which are the essential oils in all plant life that have their own medicinal benefits) amplify the effects more than if they were alone. This is why we created our Lifeline blends.

The Science behind these amazing tinctures:

The Primary active ingredient CBD is enhanced by secondary compounds (minor cannabinoids, terpenes and the hemp seed carrier oil)Research evidence shows that higher levels of minor cannabinoids found in Cannabis Such as CBG, CBN and CBC enhance the ability for our Lifeline Hemp oil to not just increase the possible overall health benefits but also the ability to possibly help target specific issues such as Anxiety, Pain, Focus, Sleep and Everyday Wellness.

We have achieved this based on the amount of and which Cannabinoids, terpenoids are used. All of our Lifeline may help with everyday issues such as immunosuppression, cerebral blood flow, enhance cortical activity, kill respiratory pathogens, along with providing strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Why we use hemp seed oil as our carrier:

The hemp seed itself is also considered a valued part of our blends due to the nutritional and health properties including essential fatty acids, and its ability to encapsulate phytocannabinoids, and terpenoids.

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3 reviews for Lifeline Blend CBD Tincture – Sleep Blend

  1. Kelly Stonecipher

    I really like it helps me sleep better than I did before. I don’t toss and turn as much.

  2. maxine

    This sleep blend works wonders! I have been having a hard time falling/staying asleep, and then I picked this up. Using this product on a daily basis has gotten my sleep back on track and I wake up feeling brand new and ready to take on the day. Sleep is such an important part of our physical and mental health, so if you’re struggling with it make sure to try this out!

  3. davidcbryan360

    I used to use Melatonin as a sleep aid but it always made me so groggy feeling in the morning. I switched over to the Fresh Water CBD Sleep blend, I now sleep better and don’t get that groggy feeling in the mornings.

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Lifeline Blend CBD Tincture – Sleep Blend

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