CBD for the common cold?

Can CBD Help With My Common Cold?

Yes however it is not the only soldier in the fight to keep you well.

Items that we can digest and ingest will help the symptoms of a cold. Most of our immune system resides in the digestive ecosystem. This means what we eat has a direct influence on how quickly and effectively our body is able to push off any inflection. Certain foods can boost immunity, fight inflammation and make us feel better. Have you heard, “you are what you eat.” There is truth behind this statement.

You know the signs when they show up, feel sleepy, nose has liquid running or is completely stuffed up, coughing and potentially sneezing can be a few. Your first line of defense is soup. Not the creaming kind, you want to focus on the clearer the better. In the thought of Chinese Medicine, your spleen cultivates chi or what many of us know as vital energy. Keeping food warm moving though your body will help your system recover faster and give you relief. In this soup, things like garlic, ginger, chili peppers and turmeric will help your body fight bacteria and inflammation as well as help relieve any sinus pain and pressure. Bone Broth is a great start to the soup and mixing the ingredients above with carrots, celery, onion, turnips. If you like you can put chicken or tofu for protein purposes. Using these items will help the timeline move faster so you can get to feeling better.

When your looking for something to drink, water is always the best choice however herbal tea and honey will help as well with relief. Being hydrated is CRITICALLY important if you’re sick or NOT!

Some of the best nutrition supplements that I have used to help are Elderberry. The Elderberry fruit helps to reduce the severity of a cold and shorten the time you have the symptoms. Vitamin D and C, ZInc, Medicinal Mushrooms Extracts and CBD Tinctures will help as well. Using my CBD tincture on a daily basis for the last year or so, I believe has kept any inflammation at bay as well as allowed my body’s immune system to adapt and fight any virus, even the common cold.

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